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Allison Jacobson

Executive Director

Staff, interns and volunteers have camp names at Camp Promise. Mine is Aladdin. Yes, it comes from the Disney movie and was a nickname as a kid because my name sort of sounds similar. I’ve stuck with the name since I first became involved with Camp ministry in my early teens. I love the story of Aladdin and how, with the help of the Genie, Aladdin is transformed for the better. For me, it demonstrates how our lives are transformed when we encounter Jesus – we are changed forever and become more and more like Jesus, loving and serving those around us. I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve with Camp Promise and help others discover who God has made them to be and help them to discover their full potential.

Lydia Haegele (Joy).jpeg

Lydia Hägele

2022-2023 International Intern

Hi I’m Joy
Why joy? Because that is what I want to spread into the world. My wish is that the kids at camp have an awesome time and that they will find a fulfilment that only God can give.

I‘m so exited for the next year to see how God is working through us in the children.

Camp has so much love for everyone and I hope that the kids will find a place where they feel safe and taken care of

judit laukenmaan(Summer).jpg

Judit Laukenmann

2022-2023 International Intern

Summer, this is what the kids call me in camp. I chose Summer as my Camp name because I love to watch Summer-sunsets with my friends. In sunsets you can see the beauty and the love of how God created the world. I grew up
believing that God loves me and that he will fight every battle with me and I am very grateful for that.
I always wanted to spend a year for God after graduating from high school. Camp Promise is the perfect place where I can tell kids about the love of Jesus and that they can always trust in Him. I also want to be part of a place where kids feel loved and are excited to join. I’m glad that I can work at Camp Promise to serve God here in Canada.


Sinje Roger (Sunny).jpeg

Sinje Roger

2022-2023 International Intern

Hello :)
I am Sunny. Sunny, because that’s the meaning of my real name. But also, because I want to bring sunshine in the kids’ life, through telling and showing them that they are loved by Jesus. And I hope that lights up their life.
I am really excited to be part of Camp this year because I love to work with kids and have fun with them together. The best thing about working in Camp Promise is that it combines those things and gives me the chance to tell kids the best thing they can have in their lives: Jesus.


Sophie Johnson(Daisy).jpeg

Sophie Johnson

2022-2023 International Intern

Hello everyone!
Kids at camp call me Daisy (Duck). What I love about the name is, that it has different meanings. First
of all I chose it, because I like the flower “Daisy”, as well as the Disney character. Furthermore it is the nickname my mom gave to me.
I am so thankful for the opportunity I have to work one year at Camp Promise and spread the love of
Jesus. I would like to be a blessing for every child that visits camp and to give back what I received in
my own childhood – a safe place, where everyone feels loved and understood. It is my wish to build
good relationships with the children, so that they can trust me.
I hope that the year at camp also helps me to decide, whether I should become a social worker at a
youth welfare office.
Yours sincerely,
Daisy (Duck)


Tim schumacher (Flash).jfif

Tim Schumacher

2022-2023 International Intern

Hi, I'm Flash!
I chose this camp name because everybody says, I'm a sporty person and they told me that the kids love superheroes.
In Germany I would say:

Griaßgodd, I'm Flash!
"Griaßgodd" is a very famous greeting in the area I come from. If I would translate it in English, I would say "Hi God".
I don't know where this greeting comes from. We use it when we meet our best friend, our neighbour or our grandparents. It can be used in every situation. I like to teach this greeting to the children in Camp Promise. Not in the way we use it in Germany but to show them, that they could start a relationship with God.
It was God who sent me to Canada and God is it who helps me working in Camp Promise. I'd like to teach children, that they are loved by God. I will tell them, then whatever they need, they can just say "Hi God, I need you". Or "Griaßgodd, I need you".


WhatsApp Image 2023-03-07 at 19.42.05.jpeg

Ben Stott

Volunteer Staff

Hi my name is Ben, but at camp I’m Maverick based on the movie Top Gun. I have been at camp for a few years. Outside of Camp I want to be a photographer and I do all the photos for camp. I love cars, airplanes and anything with an engine. I hope to see you at camp.

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