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Do you love God, have a passion to work with children and youth, care about families who have great needs, believe that the mission field is all around you and that urban mission to unreached people within Canada is something you could commit your gifts and talents to? If so, then Camp Promise Barrie has a place for you! Camp Promise is looking to receive applications from interested individuals and has two year round positions open for successful applicants.

Camp Promise Barrie has a unique model of leadership development that is supported daily through mentorship, hands on supervision and guidance, training and discipleship for personal growth and faith. It is a “learn by being and doing” model that allows individuals to discover, use and integrate their own talents, gifts and experiences within a multi-national team dynamic.  You will have opportunity to grow new relationships, use your English if from another country, work in multi-cultural teams,  and make a difference in the lives of children and youth that impacts their faith, families and their future!



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