Executive Director

Staff, interns and volunteers have camp names at Camp Promise.  Mine is "Roots."  You might think that comes from being the founder for Camp Promise but it is oddly connected to a navy blue hoodie I have worn since 2014, with large bold letters ROOTS across the front. My roots in Jesus are deep and it is out of love and a desire to let my life point to Him that I am here, living and serving in the community I grew up in. The world would be a dull and lifeless place without children...they were important to Jesus and they are important to me!



2020-2021 International Intern

Hey, I am Dimple!
I am the 6.5 foot tall guy in our team and a big meat lover. Why did I decide to do a one year internship at Camp Promise? I want to serve God with my life and help people in need. Camp Promise is the perfect place to share your faith and to help build God’s kingdom on earth.



2020-2021 International Intern

Hey! My name is Spike, and I love to be a part of Camp Promise!
My decision to come here is founded on my relationship with Jesus and the desire to share the love he has for me.
In camp, I enjoy the time with the kids, leading the Bible story, running around in the free time, and, of course, the daily snack! Eating is one of my passions –
especially chocolate.



2020-2021 International Intern

Graduating from school, I desired to find the answer to one question: “You received so much, what can you give?” When working for camp, I found an answer. Being able to support children and their families in their special needs, building relationships with them, being a friend, and sharing faith with them is a rewarding model on both sides. I enjoy all kinds of sports and photography. My favorite sport is probably kicking a ball or running after a ball, so soccer and running.



2020-2021 International Intern

Hey, my name is Cuc because of my love for vegetables (“Cuc”umbers for example).
As one of the German interns, I chose to work at Camp Promise because we can have a big impact on the life of the kids. I aim to serve God and encourage our kids to become who God created them to be. At camp, we show them how much they are loved and accepted. 
I love riding - both ways, on bikes and horses!



Volunteer Staff

Click! That's my camp name. I love children and knowing that I will see the kids at camp helps me have a reason to get up each day! Food (gluten free), music, K-Pop, movies, and friends are my other favorite things.



Volunteer Staff

My name is Kacey (aka Starshine), and I started at Camp Promise back in 2015 as a junior leader during summer camp, and continued doing after school program and March break camp and summer ever since. Camp has helped me grow as a leader, as a person, and in my faith over the last 6 years. I’ve fallen in love with working with children and helping others. A fun fact about me is that I can play 4 different string instruments!