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Allison Jacobson

Executive Director

Staff, interns and volunteers have camp names at Camp Promise. Mine is Aladdin. Yes, it comes from the Disney movie and was a nickname as a kid because my name sort of sounds similar. I’ve stuck with the name since I first became involved with Camp ministry in my early teens. I love the story of Aladdin and how, with the help of the Genie, Aladdin is transformed for the better. For me, it demonstrates how our lives are transformed when we encounter Jesus – we are changed forever and become more and more like Jesus, loving and serving those around us. I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve with Camp Promise and help others discover who God has made them to be and help them to discover their full potential.



2021-2022 International Intern


This word you would hear in Germany probably from me…

…it‘s just a greeting.

My name is Neck - like the body part - because of my bad posture while playing the saxophone my friends in Germany gave me this nickname ;)

I love to play music - also this is a good way to give God glory…

…I decided to go one year to Camp Promise because I want to become a teacher in future - Camp Promise gives me a perfect opportunity to test if this is the right job for me. Apropos of nothing I can share the gospel of Jesus with them - Just perfect! 



2021-2022 International Intern

Hi everyone my name is Julia but kids at Camp call me Fisher.

At Camp it’s never boring we always have fun and action and that’s what I love - to hang out with the kids, share with them about the Bible and grow a relationship to them. Camp teaches you to sometimes just be spontaneous and forget your plan and that’s what makes it most natural.



2021-2022 International Intern

In Camp all the kids know me by my Camp name “Coach”. I chose this Camp name because I want to

be like a Coach for the kids and help and encourage them.

After I graduated high school in Germany, I came here with the Liebenzell Mission for a gap year. I’m really blessed that I got to know Jesus very young and I like to share God’s good news with other people. I love that Camp Promise gives me so many great opportunities to do that. It’s lots of fun and I really enjoy working with the kids at

Camp. Besides this I like soccer, the nature and Canada.



2021-2022 International Intern

Hey, I am Cherry!
I don’t only love cherries but almost every kind of fruit very much.
Other things I enjoy are cooking and playing card games.
I chose to work at Camp Promise because I really like to work with children. Also, I want to share my faith with other people so that they can hear God’s good news. It’s cool to be able to serve god here at this place in Barrie.



Volunteer Staff

Click! That's my camp name. I love children and knowing that I will see the kids at camp helps me have a reason to get up each day! Food (gluten free), music, K-Pop, movies, and friends are my other favorite things.



Volunteer Staff

My name is Kacey (aka Starshine), and I started at Camp Promise back in 2015 as a junior leader during summer camp, and continued doing after school program and March break camp and summer ever since. Camp has helped me grow as a leader, as a person, and in my faith over the last 6 years. I’ve fallen in love with working with children and helping others. A fun fact about me is that I can play 4 different string instruments!

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